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webSAMSv4Student Appointment Management System

SAMS is the simple electronic diary system that enables staff and students to manage their meetings during term time. If you need to arrange a meeting with academic staff; lecturers on your modules or tutors responsible for your course, then this system is designed to help you. SAMS is actively being developed to provide enhancements such as a referral system, variable appointment lengths, drop in appointments, room booking system, etc. SAMS has been updated this year and is now a University wide system. Please check the SAMS User Guide for further details.


All lecturing staff of the Faculty of Science and Engineering, the Faculty which operates your course, will make themselves available for meetings with students for a minimum of three hours a week and twelve appointments, pro rata, spread over at least two days. In order to see an academic member of staff during these office hours, you will need to use SAMS to book your appointment. You will be able to book the appointment well in advance and be certain of the time of the meeting and also give the lecturer an idea of what you would like to discuss.


This system means you do not have to find the lecturer when he or she are frequently not in their office but busy teaching, conducting research or studying elsewhere. It also means that lecturers can plan their work without having to deal with large numbers of enquiries throughout the working day.

Instructions on how to use SAMS can be found by clicking on the links below and detailed instructions can be found within the SAMS system.

SAMS Web Site
SAMS User guide
SAMS ‘How To’ Video

If you are unable to log in to SAMS, email with your name and your student number.