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University Centre Telford

The University Centre Telford team is delighted to work with partners to promote higher education and progression opportunities.  We work closely with local colleges, community groups and adult learning partners to provide information on university and Higher Education options.

In addition, we team up with colleagues from across the University of Wolverhampton, including the Access and Outreach teams.  More information on support available may be found here Access and outreach support


The University’s Business School has a distinguished history of supporting business in the West Midlands and Black Country. In 2015, the Business School moved to a new purpose built building with state of the art facilities and study and teaching spaces for students.

Curriculum areas:

  • Accounting
  • Business
  • Economics
  • Finance
  • Human Resource
  • Leadership
  • Leisure Industries
  • Management
  • Marketing

See our Portfolio of Business Undergraduate Degrees

‘Off the Shelf’ Workshops

  • Tasty Accounts:  An interactive session involving the preparation of the accounts for a small business.
  • ‘Getting the message across: marketing in action’: In this session, participants will produce a poster deconstructing a TV advert for a product or brand.’
  • Leading & Managing people in organisations.
  • Want to be a boss? Let us get the price right!

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The University’s Law School has over 30 years’ experience of supporting students throughout the UK and other countries. Our expertise is respected and highly valued in the legal sector.

‌Course areas:

  • LLB (Hons) Law

  • Accounting & Law
  • Business & Law
  • Law & Philosophy
  • Law & Social Sciences with Foundation Year
  • Social Policy & Law

See our Portfolio of Law Undergraduate Degrees

  ‘Off the Shelf’ Workshops

  • Judgement Day: Participants in this session take on the role of court judges within the English legal system tasked with determining sentences, based on individual case studies.
  • Bullying and the Law: Looking at the implications of bullying and the legal consequences.
  • How to get away with Crime: A lecture on the capacity defences of automatism, intoxication and insanity.
  • Courtroom