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Outlook Anywhere

Access staff email off campus using Outlook Anywhere

As an alternative to using Outlook Web App (OWA), you can use Outlook Anywhere to access your email off campus.

Outlook Anywhere has some advantages over OWA as follows:

  • It looks exactly the same as when you use Outlook 2010 at the University.
  • The address book functionality is better.
  • Your rules should work as they do when you’re using your University computer.
  • A few features are not available in OWA, such as voting buttons and group schedule view.

To set up Outlook Anywhere

Open Outlook 2010

If it’s the first time you’ve used it, you’ll see the following screen:

Select Next, then make sure Yes is selected and Next again.

Enter Your Name and University Email Address as shown on the screen below.

Your password is your University IT Account password.

It will take a few moments while Outlook searches for the Exchange 2010 server at the University.

When the server has been found, the Windows Security window will pop up:

Select Use another account.

You’ll then see a couple of boxes to enter your credentials, as illustrated below.

  • Enter unv\ followed by your IT account username, usually your in-number
  • Enter your IT account password

After a short delay, you should see the following screen:

When you select Finish to complete the process, Outlook should load and the contents of your mailbox will be downloaded to your computer.

This may take several minutes depending on the size of your mailbox and connection speed.

Outlook Personal Folders

Creating and Using Personal Folders (PST) – Outlook 2010

Outlook Personal Folders can be used to provide additional storage for emails, in order to free up space in your Exchange mailbox on the server. This page explains how staff using Outlook 2010 can do this, and how to use Personal Folders.

Exchange Mailbox

  • Incoming emails come into the Inbox in your Mailbox on the Exchange server.
  • Your Exchange Mailbox also contains Sent items and Deleted items.
  • Email is stored on the Exchange server, NOT on your PC, so can be accessed anywhere with Internet.
  • It can quickly fill up if you do not manage your emails, especially if you are sending or receiving large attachments.

Personal Folders

  • Are stored on the hard disk of your PC (or Laptop).
  • Can only be accessed from the computer where they are located, so will not roam with you.
  • Are useful for managing your emails, and freeing up space in your Exchange server mailbox.
  • Need to be backed up, as they are stored on your computer.
  • Could be accessed by anyone else logging on to your computer unless you put a password on them.
  • Outlook 2010 PSTs Have a maximum size of 50Gb.