University of Wolverhampton Fire Procedure Signs

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University of Wolverhampton Fire Procedure Signs

University of Wolverhampton Fire Procedure Signs

Fire Safety

Guidance is provided on the University of Wolverhampton emergency evacuation requirements as well as information for staff performing specific roles in the emergency e.g. Fire Marshals or those who may be required to assist others in an emergency situation. There is also advice on what issues to consider when reviewing your domestic fire safety arrangements.

Guidance and forms to download:

* Fire Risk Assessment (Word doc 202k)

* Fire marshals flow chart for Guidance (Visio doc 66k)

* Emergency Egress Questionnaire (Word doc 165k)


* Refuge for mobility impaired (PDF 96K, Downloads file)


* Fire Assemby Point Locations (PDF 965K, Downloads file)

General Safety Signs and Labels

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General Signs and Labels


You will find standard safety signs in general use throughout the University; these fall into four basic categories which have a characteristic shape and colour.


Prohibition: nosmoke This is a red circle with a red diagonal bar on a white background with a pictogram indicating what you must not do, the most common will be the No Smoking Signs.
Mandatory: glove This is a blue disc with white pictogram or lettering indicating what you must do.
Cautionary: el risk A black triangle with a yellow centre with black pictogram or lettering means beware of, this example draws attention to an electrical risk.
Safe Condition: ex rgi A green rectangle or square indicating where to go in an emergency or where to get first aid.

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