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University of Stirling Requirements

Entry requirements
What qualifications do I need?

The links below provide a guide to our typical entrance requirements.

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English Language Qualifications

(PDF, 270KB)

What is my qualification worth?

The SCQF enables you to compare the various Scottish Qualifications and find out what the various SCQF “levels” mean when applying for another course or going for a job.

UCAS Information

If you have applied through UCAS and are sitting Highers or A-levels/VCE qualifications, we usually receive your grades from UCAS and you need not send them again. If you are sitting qualifications other than those mentioned, you should send in a copy of your results to the UK Undergraduate Office as soon as you receive them so that we can finally process our offer to you.


If you do not obtain the grades the University has asked for, it does not automatically mean that your application is rejected. We review it again, paying particular attention to the personal statement, reference and past academic performance. You may, therefore, still be offered a place despite not having achieved the exact conditions required.