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Economics is a social science concerned with the production, distribution and consumption of goods and services. Modern economics is a broad discipline that links almost all aspects of human behaviour and interactions, from running a business and purchasing stock to getting married and taking a job.

Finance is the study of managing available funds, including saving and lending money, cash at hand, and risk. It includes areas of personal, corporate or public finance relating to incomes, expenditure, debts, loans, balancing risk, profitability and value of stock.

The courses at St Andrews provide structured, cumulative and rigorous explorations of key concepts, principles, analysis, techniques and knowledge. Graduates from the School of Economics and Finance have progressed to a broad range of opportunities including banking, finance, consultancy, government and public policy, and research.



Economics BSc (Hons)
Economics MA (Hons)
Economics BA (International Hons)
Financial Economics BSc (Hons)
Financial Economics MA (Hons)

Joint degree options

You can take Economics BSc (Hons) and Economics MA (Hons) with another subject as part of a joint degree or a “with” degree.



Economics MSc
Finance and Economics MSc
Finance MSc
Money, Banking and Finance MSc
Banking and Finance MSc


Please contact a supervisor in your research area to inquire about PhD opportunities.