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We are the Sheffield Zebrafish Screening Unit (SZSU) based at the Bateson Centre (University of Sheffield).

The use of zebrafish in biomedical research has expanded over the last 20 years, from a purely developmental model to a model for human disease, and more recently as a system for in vivo drug discovery and pharmaceutical safety testing.

Our facility for medium-throughput screening at the Bateson Centre, University of Sheffield enables the identification of small molecule modulators of disease processes and developmental mechanisms using zebrafish. The Screening Unit is able to offer a variety of whole-organism screening methods, providing a range of different morphological, behavioural, enzymatic and fluorescent assay outputs and using a combination of automated and manual techniques. We have established a number of different assays and have over 7000 compounds for screening.

Our movement analysis system (ViewPoint) is used to study both adult and larvae zebrafish individually or when shoaling.

For advice, information or quotations, please contact:

Dr Sarah Baxendale 0114 222 2377
Mr John-Paul Ashton 0114 222 4696


The Screening Lab was first set up in 2008 by Professor Marysia Placzek, Director of the Bateson Centre previously known as the Medical Research Centre (MRC) for Development and Biomedical Genetics (CDBG). batesonlogo
FirthCourt The Sheffield Zebrafish Screening Unit is based at the University of Sheffield in the magnificent Firth Court building, situated as part of the Department of Biomedical Science. It plays an essential part in the teaching and training of undergraduate and postgraduate students, as well as academics and research associates.