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Visiting undergraduate students

If you would like to come and study at the University of Sheffield for a short period without enrolling on a course, you may wish to consider applying as a visiting student. A visiting student is anyone who studies a module or selection of modules, or a semester or a full year of a taught course, but who does not undertake a full degree course, and therefore does not qualify for the award of a University of Sheffield qualification.

What can you study?

You can find details of the modules currently offered by the University in our Directory of Modules:

Directory of Modules

The Directory of Modules contains a list of the University’s academic departments. Click on a department to see the modules it offers and their credit values. Students can study a maximum of 120 credits each year. Please note that not all departments accept visiting students. A list of the departments that do is included in the application form (see below).

Modules where the code begins with a 1, 2 or 3 are those studied by Sheffield undergraduate students. The number indicates the year of study in which Sheffield students normally sit these modules, so modules with codes beginning 3, for example, usually require considerable prior experience in the subject area.

If you would like more information about a particular module please contact the academic department that offers it:

List of academic departments

As a visiting student you will be able to attend all the classes associated with the agreed programme and, if you wish, you can also be assessed, for example through coursework or examinations, in the same way as students studying for a University of Sheffield qualification (please note that some departments may include as a condition of their offer the requirement that you complete assessments). When you have finished, upon request we will provide a certificate of attendance and/or a transcript confirming the modules you have studied and the results of any assessment. These can either be issued to you or forwarded to your own institution.

How to apply

UK and EU students

UK and EU students can apply to study at Sheffield as a visiting student using our application form:

Visiting undergraduate student application form (Word document, 87KB)

Please include with your application:

  • Certificates/transcripts confirming your most recent academic achievements (with an official translation if not written in English)
  • Certificates/transcripts confirming your English language qualification(s), if required (see below)
  • Two references. The references should be supplied by academic staff at university-level institutions where you are currently studying or have previously studied. If you have been out of education for the last two years, you can send one academic reference plus one from your current employer if you wish.

When you have completed the form, please email it to us at Alternatively you can post a paper copy to:

Admissions Team 5
Admissions Service
The University of Sheffield
Level 2, Arts Tower
Western Bank
Sheffield S10 2TN

Your form will be considered by the relevant academic department(s), and when they have made a decision we will write to you to tell you what this is.

If we are able to offer you a place, we will send you an offer letter confirming the details of the study for which you have been accepted, including the period of registration at the University and the tuition fees.

International students

International students who want to study at Sheffield as a visiting student should apply as a sponsored/independent fee paying student through the Study Abroad programme offered by our Global Opportunities and Exchanges office.

Study Abroad

Exchange students

Students wishing to come to Sheffield as part of the Erasmus or Study Abroad exchange programmes should arrange this through their home university. Erasmus and Study Abroad involve reciprocal agreements between universities, and exchange arrangements are made by the institution at which the student is normally registered.

You can find more information about Erasmus and Study Abroad study at Sheffield on our Global Opportunities and Exchanges webpages:

Global Opportunities and Exchanges

Tuition fees

Fees for visiting students are charged pro rata of the standard Sheffield fee (Home or Overseas as appropriate). Sheffield students study 120 credits per year. Therefore if you study, for example, 60 credits you will be charged half the full-time fee for one year’s study.

Standard tuition fee rates are set out on our Student Fees webpages:

Undergraduate tuition fees

English language requirements

All visiting students are required to demonstrate that they have sufficient English language to study at the University. For International students, this is also a requirement of the visa application process. You can find more information on our English language requirements webpages:

English language requirements

Visa requirements

If you require a visa to study in the UK, the type of visa you apply for depends on how long you will spend in the UK.

Visiting students studying in the UK for more than six months must apply for a Tier 4 Student Visa. To apply for this type of visa, students need a Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies (CAS) number. The CAS number is arranged by the institution where the student intends to study, and confirms that they have accepted an Unconditional offer of a study place. You can find information about how and when the University of Sheffield will arrange your CAS number, and what you need to do, on our CAS application webpages:

CAS number applications

Visiting students studying in the UK for six months or less can choose to apply for a Tier 4 Student Visa or a Short Term Student Visa. The Admissions Service will email you after you have accepted an Unconditional offer with information about each type of visa so you can decide which one best suits your needs.


Visiting students are able to apply for University accommodation, although we cannot guarantee them a place. We will tell you more about this if you accept an offer of a study place.

Further information

Semester dates
Estimated living costs

If you have any general questions about studying at the University of Sheffield, please Ask Sheffield:

Ask Sheffield