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Requests from Third parties for Academic Verification

From time to time organisations request verification of current and past students’ attendance and qualifications. These organisations include: prospective employers, employment and screening agencies, Higher Education institutions, local authorities and Government bodies.

Commercial Organisations

For commercial organisations such as Employers, Employment Agencies or Screening Agencies there is an administration fee of £5 per verification. Full details of the ordering process are available here:

On-Line Store

Non-Commercial Organisations

For non-commercial organisations such as Higher Education Institutions, Local Authorities, UK and Overseas Governmental Bodies etc there is no charge. To obtain verification of a current or former student:

  1. Make sure you have the student’s consent for the request
  2. Verify your own identity and relationship with the student
  3. Email your request and other supporting documentation to

Requests will be processed within three working days. This may be be longer if:

  • We need to query requests where data is incomplete
  • We need to query requests if the data does not match our records
  • The student graduated before 1998

Personal Character References

We cannot provide personal (character) references for current or former students. Such requests should be directed to the academic department in which they studied. If we receive such a request we will pass it on to the department, which will delay the response.

Academic Departments