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University of Sheffield Quality Assurance

University Framework for Managing Quality in Learning and Teaching

The University has a set of processes for managing quality in learning and teaching. These have been designed with reference to the requirements of the Quality Assurance Agency. In addition to having their own processes for quality management, departments are expected to engage in the following University processes:

Annual Reflection – an annual review of taught programmes resulting in a report produced for Faculty

Periodic Review – a 1.5 day visit to a department to gain a more in depth view of its programmes and the student experience, held every 5-6 years

Policy and Guidance Review – a two hour meeting held before a periodic review to check that University policies are in place

Annual review of programme regulations and programme specifications

New programmes, changes to existing programmes and programme closures – information on processes and guidance documents (including approval of new modules)

External Examiners are academic members of staff from comparable universities whose role is to oversee all aspects of assessment on a programme.  This provides an impartial and independent perspective on our taught programmes.

The main external requirements are set out in the QAA’s Quality Code. This covers external reference points for setting the standard of a particular degree programme as well as what universities are expected to do in areas such as student engagement, approval of new programmes, assessment.