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Microsoft Office 365


MS Office 365 is:

  • A new way to obtain the familiar Office applications (2016 versions of Word, Excel and PowerPoint)
  • Free to University staff and students for personal and University use
  • For installation on Windows, Mac, iPad and Android devices (i.e. not just an online service)
  • Not for installation on University desktop PCs or Managed desktops (which have their own licenses for the traditional Office software)

Office 365 installation & updates are managed online:

  • Each user must register individually with Microsoft, not via CiCS
  • Staff and students can use Office 365 free while members of the University
  • Thereafter the normal annual subscription applies

While Office 365 has file-sharing features, it is not intended as a substitute for Google Drive and Google Docs.  Google collaboration features are more extensive, and the Google online services will continue to be the University’s standard collaboration service.  CiCS do not advise the use of a second sharing service, as it is likely to confuse and hinder colleagues.


Office 365 registration

Registration overview

  • Registering with Microsoft establishes your identity and a password
  • To obtain the software free you must use your University email address as your login
  • This is a personal registration, and data is not shared between Microsoft and CiCS
  • You will not be sent unwanted emails

Once registered you will be able to download Office 365 software on up to 5 computers and mobile devices.

The software will check your registration every few weeks, so your computers and devices will need to connect to the internet periodically.

Upon leaving the University

  • Your use of Office 365 will end as you will no longer have the email address
  • To continue using Office 365 you must start a paid subscription
  • Your files will not be lost (unless you have stored them on University systems)

To register for Office 365

  1. In your browser (on Windows, Mac, iPad or any device) go to this page:
  2. Select Students or Teachers – the same software is provided, with slightly different information
  3. Enter your … email address
  4. Click [Get started]
  5. You are asked again if you are a student or a teacher – again the same software is provided for both
  6. If your email address is recognised as belonging to the University, you will see:
    ‘Great – check your email’
  7. Check your University email inbox for a message headed ‘Finish signing up for Office 365’
  8. Open the message and click to confirm your address
  9. Return to your browser where you will be asked to give your name and set a password
  10. Set a secure but memorable password. Do not use your University password.
  11. Click [Start]

After a pause, a screen will appear offering to install the Office 365 software.

Installation can be done now or later.
To install the software later, log in to the main 365 portal on this or another device.

Download and installation is likely to take over an hour, depending on the type of computer and internet connection.

Any existing Office software will be removed and replaced with the Office 365 version.