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Year of Entry: 2018
UCAS Code:
Entry Requirements: ABB at A level (or equivelent)
Duration: 4 years (including a year in Korea)

Korean Studies began at Sheffield University more than 30 years ago, and the Centre for Korean Studies has developed into one of the leading teaching and research centres for Korean Studies in Europe. Recognizing this achievement, the British government announced in 2000 major funding to support the further development of our Korean Studies programme.

The variety of modules offered at Sheffield and the flexibility of our modular degree system allow you to tailor your studies to your own needs and career aspirations. Throughout your degree you will be required to take core modules in Korean language in each year. As well as language modules, you will also be required to take ‘studies modules’; these are modules which are not language-based and cover topics such as history, society, business and literature. These modules involve lectures on specific themes, and seminars or tutorials in which you discuss these themes with tutors. Studies modules involve far less class time than language modules, but you will need to spend time out of class writing essays or preparing for class discussions or presentations.

Developing your individual interests
At most levels of your Korean Studies degree, you will also have the opportunity to take modules which are of interest to you but which do not relate to Korea. These are known as ‘unrestricted’ modules, and are important in that they allow you to tailor your degree to include areas of study in which you have an interest or which you see as important but which are not ‘core’ to your studies.

Luke BillLuke Bill
BA Korean Studies

The best thing about my course is that I can study the language that I love every single day and explore a different culture. I feel like I’ve found my niche, and doing it at university level means I don’t get too stressed with the work because it’s just what I want to do.

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Korean Studies degrees
Title UCAS code Duration
BA Korean Studies T415 Four years
BA Korean Studies with Japanese T4T2 Four years
BA Music and Korean Studies WTH4 Four years

Courses for 2018 entry
We are currently conducting a review of our undergraduate teaching to ensure we provide the best possible experience and learning environment for our students. This is a normal process carried out every few years to enable the department to improve the content and structure of its teaching in the light of new staff expertise, new developments in our areas of study, and new developments in assessment and feedback. The new curriculum is not finalised yet, but is due to be introduced in academic year 2018-19. Module information will be updated on individual course pages as soon as possible.