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University of Sheffield Grade 8

Criteria for promotion to Grade 8 (Teaching or Research)

In the application of the criteria for assessing candidates, departmental panels and Faculty Promotion Panels are required to bear in mind that regard should be paid to all relevant criteria (given below).

For a case to be successful to Grade 8 (University Teacher or Research Fellow), there would need to be a strong case in at least one of Teaching or Research.

The level of achievement against the criteria will vary among candidates according to the type of work and discipline. The procedures are intended to be sufficiently flexible to take account of these variations. The candidates should be considered against each of the criteria, bearing in mind that a very good performance on all criteria might be balanced by an outstanding performance on one or two.

Promotion to University Teacher: Grade 8


In order to support its mission in research-led teaching, the University is committed to the delivery of the highest possible quality of teaching to enhance the student learning experience and so ensure high student achievement, employability and satisfaction.

To ensure the continuation of a vibrant and dynamic research led teaching culture, academic staff at every level are required to undertake University teaching, and the majority of UG and PG teaching will be developed and provided by academic staff.

Staff on teaching-only contracts are not contracted to conduct Research, nor are they required to be assessed under the Research Excellence Framework.

There are a number of areas where additional expert provision are required. Examples include:-

  • Provision of additional professional expertise and applied Teaching (e.g. in the Legal Practice Course) to enhance graduate employability
  • Provision of additional language support in different circumstances (e.g. for non-language students on dual degree programmes, or language modules, or for students whose first language is not English)
  • Provision of other specialist teaching (eg science teaching for medical students).

The following describe the typical responsibilities and requirements of a Grade 8 University Teacher:

The individual will either be at postgraduate level with considerable professional level activity or at postdoctoral level with considerable teaching experience at HE level.

Duties should be in line with the University needs, and commensurate with the relevant grade. These may include inter alia: preparation and delivery of teaching; student assessment; student support; admissions; innovation; development of e-learning; curriculum development; development of new modules/programmes; running/attending open days.

Evidence of the following activities:

Teach and examine courses to all levels of student, through lectures, seminars and personal supervision; collect/design and deliver course materials; coach and support tutorial groups, advise students on their progress, supervise practical work as appropriate and set/assess coursework and exams. May also undertake co-ordination roles for the department.

Evidence of University or external presence and innovation.

Responsibilities include:

  • Development and delivery of Teaching
  • Responsibility for course(s) or sets of modules development
  • Relevant administrative responsibilities
  • Student assessment and support
  • Keeping abreast of professional developments

Promotion to Research Fellow: Grade 8


Development and carrying out of personal research and/or lead or contribute to a research team; developing methodologies and techniques appropriate to the type of research, developing and winning support for research proposals and funding bids and disseminating and presenting findings in publications and conference proceedings.

Evidence – may include:

  • Development of independent and original research activities
  • Publications in high quality peer reviewed journals
  • Identify sources of research funding and successful acquisition of grant funding
  • Evidence of having reviewed for high quality journals and/or evidence of having presented at major national or international conferences.

The following are examples of other activities that may be expected of a Research Fellow or a University Teacher working at Grade 8:

Project Management

Project manage activities to facilitate operational changes or high quality research, either within department/school/section or for University-wide/external projects.

Staff Management

Provide specialist guidance and support and act as mentor/coach, which may involve training and/or identifying development needs for others to support their occupational development. In research this may include supervision of PhD students. Also act as the main point of contact for the organisation and operation of an aspect of work, gained through a detailed understanding of the theory and principles underpinning the particular field of work.


Oversee and ensure that information storage and retrieval processes in the relevant work area are effective and up to date so that both internal and external (eg legislative or national) requirements can be met.

Report to, and participate in, relevant Committees to contribute to the overall management of the department/school and to the development of strategy, policy and practice.

Equipment Development

Take a lead in planning, designing, developing, constructing and refining complex and specialist experimental systems, apparatus, or equipment for teaching, research and related purposes; or for developing or adapting IT systems and new technology.

Protocol design

Design experimental/analytical protocols; identifying trends and solutions, sourcing additional information, reporting on progress and making recommendations via briefings, presentations or written reports.

Budget management

Monitor and take responsibility for managing allocated assets, resources and budges in the relevant work area. Also contribute to resource and budget planning and contribute to business and income development.

External and Customer Liaison

Liaise and mediate with external bodies and stakeholders promoting policy, practice, or research outputs etc; establishing good relations/improving standing in the community; and contributing to collaborative initiatives, projects, meetings and events. The most experienced job holders at this grade may be involved in the initiation and leadership of networks on behalf of the department or University. Negotiate and manage contracts with customers, key external contacts and service providers on behalf of the department and University.