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The Department of Finance has a number of specialist teams; each supports a specific area of the financial activities of the University. These pages provide information to help University colleagues to find the correct team to help with their enquiry.

Director of Finance

The Director of Finance is responsible for the financial control and financial reporting within the University and to external bodies. Provide leadership for the Finance department and the executive team.

Financial Management

Providing financial management support for University departments from these teams:

  • Faculty Finance and Professional Services Finance teams – advice on departmental expenditure and budgets for non-research activities
  • Cross Cutting Activities – advice on Cross Cutting Activity Finances, non-research projects and sales and billing procedures and training
  • Estates and Facilities Management Finance – advice to budgetary units within Estates and Facilities Management
  • Faculty Finance (Research)  – advice on current and future research activities
  • Procurement – advice and guidance on University supplier contracts and procedures, including tendering guidelines, and operation of the University Central Stores
  • Business Systems – myPurchase and uBASE support, training and advisory services

Financial Services

These teams support the University’s financial activities for:

  • Income – providing income collection services from students and non-students; support for Student Bursaries; a full range of cash office facilities, including petty cash floats, processing of cash and cheques coming into the University; and issuing of cash in advance for University expenditure;
  • Payments – vendor database management and processing of supplier invoices and administration of the University purchasing card expenditure
  • Payroll – providing payroll and expenses services for all staff and external payroll colleagues (including non-staff and student expenses);
  • Pensions – pensions services for all departments

Group Financial Reporting

Providing governance and financial control as defined by the University and external bodies:

  • Capital Projects – working alongside University colleagues to perform economic appraisal for capital investments, assisting with the management of project risks and evaluation of project outcomes
  • Insurance – arrange insurance cover for University business, including travel, equipment and clinical trials
  • Financial Accounting, Financial Reporting and Treasury Management – preparation of the University annual and management accounts, financial forecasts, reconciliation of University bank accounts, and investment management
  • Strategic Cost Accounting – providing analysis of University wide costing information (including Time Allocation Survey)

If you are unable to find the information you need then please contact 0114 222 1504.