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University of Sheffield Exam Results

Publication of Undergraduate Examination Results 2016-17*

Undergraduate examination results for the 2016-17 academic session will be released online at the following times. If you have a Higher Education Achievement Report (HEAR), your HEAR will be updated at the same time (more information about examination results and the HEAR can be found at the bottom of this page).

Autumn Semester – From 2pm on Monday 6 March 2017

Spring Semester – From 2pm on Friday 7 July 2017

August (Resit) – From 2pm on Friday 8 September 2017

On the dates given above you will be able to view and print your results together with an explanation and guidance. Click on myResults in the Online Results box (top right). You will need your University username and password. Your results can be accessed from this point.

Please do not attempt to access your results before the time and date indicated above since they will NOT be available.

Where appropriate details on Registration for the next session or information on how to apply for reassessment will be included with the text displayed with your examination results.

In the case of graduating students, eligible to attend summer degree ceremonies, access to degree ceremony information and seat allocations will be provided. Links to printable versions of the ceremony information for students and their guests will be provided which should be retained to gain admission to the hall. No tickets or other information will be sent by post.

Debts to the University

To ensure the award of your qualification and your attendance at Graduation, all monies relating to Tuition and Tuition related debt due to the University must have been paid prior to Graduation. Any student who has outstanding Tuition or Tuition related debts to the University will have their degree withheld and will not be eligible to attend a graduation ceremony. Further details can be found at the Summer Graduation Debts page.

Cross-sessional students (i.e. those students progressing to the next level of their programme in semester 2) will not be able to access their results via Current Results if their transfer to the next level has already been processed. Your results will be accessible via Previous Results.

You are reminded of the high volume of traffic on the University system at these times and as a result there may be a slight delay in you being able to login. Please keep trying periodically as this will lessen after the initial volume has reduced.


For Erasmus/Study Abroad/Visiting Students

You will receive an official statement of results in the form of an online digital Transcript, following completion of your study here. This will be issued to you via a system called Sheffield Authorised Records (ShARe). This electronic document is a replacement for the paper statement which has been used in previous years. However, this new document displays the official stamp of The University of Sheffield and is therefore official verification of your results. 

You will receive a notification email (to your University of Sheffield address) as soon as your ShARe digital Transcript is issued. You cannot access the ShARe system until you are notified that a document has been issued to you.

When will my digital Transcript be issued to me?

• Once you have completed your studies at The University of Sheffield
• If you are studying at Sheffield in Semester 1 only, this will usually be in March
• If you are studying at Sheffield in Semesters 1 and 2, this will usually be in July

For full information about how to access your ShARe digital Transcript, please visit

Grades for postgraduate units are not confirmed until November, and will not be available on MUSE. Results for postgraduate visiting students will be issued at the beginning of December.

Higher Education Achievement Report (HEAR)

Updates to your Internal HEAR

Your Internal HEAR (accessible on MUSE via My services > View all services > HEAR) will be updated with new examination results at the same time as results are published via myResults (see the table at the top of this page).


  • You MUST access your latest exam results via myResults BEFORE viewing your HEAR, to obtain important information about what to do next, e.g. what to do if you need to re-sit, or how to obtain graduation tickets.

Interim & Exit HEARs

You will be issued with Interim HEARs (official PDF ‘snapshots’) throughout your course via the secure online ShARe system, so that you can present information that has already been verified for your HEAR as official evidence of your university learning and experience, e.g. to employers/postgraduate admissions tutors. When you graduate, you will receive a final Exit HEAR via the ShARe service, which will provide you with a complete record of your academic and extra-curricular university achievements.

HEARs will be updated in ShARe at the following times:

  • End of March/before Easter Vacation
    (to include Autumn examination results and newly completed extra-curricular achievements)
  • Graduation Week (July)
    (to include Spring examination results and newly completed extra-curricular achievements)
  • Orientation Week (week before Intro Week, September)
    (to include Resit examination results and newly completed extra-curricular achievements)


Please note that the HEAR is only applicable to undergraduates who are studying for a defined qualification at the University of Sheffield. Incoming Study Abroad and Erasmus students will not therefore receive a HEAR. However, Study Abroad and Erasmus students will be able to access results online in the same way as all other undergraduate students, and will also be issued with an official online digital transcript of results, confirming achievements during the period of study at Sheffield.

For more information about the HEAR, visit the student HEAR website.

For more information about the ShARe digital transcript (for Erasmus/Study Abroad/Visiting students), visit the ShARe information page.