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When you arrive in Sheffield you should register with a doctor as soon as possible and certainly not wait until you are ill. In the UK the non-specialist doctors that people go to see are called “General Practioners” or “GPs” and the terms “doctor” and “GP” generally mean the same.

University Health Service

The University of Sheffield is one of the few in the country to have its own University Health Service (UHS) where students (and in some cases their families) can be seen by both doctors and nurses as necessary. The University strongly recommends that you register with the University Health Service as soon as possible after you arrive in Sheffield. It is better to register with a doctor while you are well rather than trying to do it if you are feeling poorly.

To register with the University Health Service (UHS) you first need to complete the online registration form and medical questionnaire. When you arrive in Sheffield you complete your registration during Intro Week by going to the UHS in person and signing the GMS1 form which gives you access to services provided by the National Health Service. This is done at a ‘registration interview’. Once you have completed the pre-registration forms please allow 48 hours before calling the UHS on 0114 22 22 100 to arrange your registration interview.

Once you have completed your registration and signed the GMS1 form you are eligible to access services provided by the National Health Service. This includes free consultations with NHS doctors and nurses and hospital treatment when referred by a doctor. There is a standard charge for each prescribed item of medication which is currently £8.40. However, contraception (birth control) is free in the UK and and advice on contraception and sexual health matters is available free from both doctors and specialist nurses at the University Health Service. UHS offer appointments with doctors and an extensive range of clinics and nursing services.

UHS has produced a range of video screencasts to help explain their services and some useful advice for staying healthy in Sheffield. They have also compiled information specifically for international students to explain how to access their services and your entitlements. Please also check out our videos below on using the UHS and on obtaining advice on sexual health matters, including free contraception.