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Campus map with A-Z index

Campus map with A-Z index

This map covers the main University campus and its immediate surroundings.

Campus map with A-Z index – large image version (707KB)

For printing: campus map with A-Z index (PDF, 959KB)

The A-Z index on this campus map also applies to the central and west Sheffield map, which covers a larger area, so you may need to use both maps to find your way.

A major element of the Masterplan involves improving some of our key spaces, not only for our own students and staff to enjoy, but also for the wider Sheffield community.

The overall aim is to create a safe, high quality walking and cycling route from Mappin Street to the Arts Tower, linking the campus and connecting with the existing high quality Gold Route, which includes Devonshire Green, Barker’s Pool, the Peace Gardens, Hallam Square and Station Square.

The North Campus and associated housing in St Vincent’s will also be better connected to the main University.

Other key areas for improvement are:

  • The Arts Tower Court will be closed to cars and landscaped to include a water feature, many more trees, a lawn, a café and lots of seating. It will also be linked to Weston Park via a garden terrace.
  • Leavygreave Road (east) and part of Portabello Street will be closed to cars and buses, providing shared space for pedestrians and cyclists, with better paving and seating, lots of trees and other plants. Victoria Street, Gell Street and Regent Terrace will become a culs-de-sac with access only.
  • Leavygreave Road (west) along with Hounsfield Road (west) and Favell Road will also be pedestrianised and upgraded to create a new square and setting for the proposed new science building.
  • St George’s Green will be reshaped to create much more usable green space at the heart of the campus, with trees, meadow and hedgerow planting.
  • A new public route will be established through the North Campus, linking Broad Lane to Solly Street and the new Edward Street Park, along with improvements to the public space around the Montgomery Fountain.