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Journalism at Portsmouth is an NCTJ-accredited course committed to preparing students for the exciting, fast-changing world of traditional and new media. Our students work on real life journalism in our state of the art newsrooms under the watchful eyes of real journalists.

NCTJ league results

BA (Hons) Journalism at Portsmouth has hit third spot in the country in the NCTJ’s 2016 results league table for accredited undergraduate courses. 

Read more at the NCTJ site.

Studying journalism at Portsmouth

Our courses embrace print, TV and the web and aim to create graduates who are employable in a modern multi-media newsroom. We combine rigorous background theory with all the knowledge, skills and techniques required in this demanding career. Expert lecturers, with extensive  academic and industrial experience, prepare students for the demands of employers when they first step into a newsroom.

Our state of the art newsroom, built in a converted listed building in the heart of the city, provides a realistic working environment which helps make our sought after graduates highly employable.

You will study a range of practical training units to develop skills in story gathering and writing editing, layout and design. You’ll also study how the law impacts upon the media and how the country is governed so that you can hold the authorities to account. We provide training in shorthand and reflective units which allow you to consider the intellectual foundations of journalism, and options in every year to tailor your study to the area that interests you most: print, web or video; lifestyle, sport or news.

Throughout your degree, you will learn how to work both in the field and in the specially-designed newsroom, using industry-standard technology. In your final year, you will work towards a web-based portfolio to showcase your work, complete a work placement and hone the professional skills needed for your chosen career.

Combined honours

You may also combine journalistic training in an NCTJ-approved exam centre with study in a complementary subject:

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NCTJ Accredited journalism degreeThe BA (Hons) Journalism degree at Portsmouth is accredited by the National Council for the Training of Journalists (NCTJ), one of three professional bodies accrediting journalism training in the UK.

Single honours student are automatically entered for the examinations leading to the NCTJ Diploma in Journalism. Study for the NCTJ’s qualifications in multi-media writing, media law, public affairs, sports and video journalism and shorthand forms part of the single honours degree.

Examination centre

The university’s status as an NCTJ examination centre means combined honours students can take a number of the NCTJ examinations, but applicants who wish to take all the core NCTJ examinations are advised to apply for the single honours course.

Diploma qualifications allow students to take the National Qualification in Journalism, the NCTJ’s qualification for professional journalists, which is typically taken while employed on a publication.

To learn more about the NCTJ and its work in training for journalists, please visit its website.