University of the Highlands and Islands Webmail

University of the Highlands and Islands Webmail

How to access UHI webmail

To access UHI webmail login here

A recent upgrade to the university’s Office 365 Outlook Web App (OWA) login service has meant that Learning and Information Services (LIS) has been able to address user feedback and issues about the OWA login process, and simplify the way it works.

Previously the system used Windows based authentication:Login screen

It now uses new web based authentication:

login screenThis means that your login experience will be standard across a greater variety of browsers, and will be the same whether you are on campus or off site.

We appreciate that some staff and students may be inconvenienced by the loss of pass through authentication when on campus, but believe that the benefits of the new login service will outweigh any initial inconvenience.

Access to email via a desktop client is still available and has not changed, and there are also instructions available should you wish to configure an outlook client in MyUHI.

Webmail Tips

  • We’ve found our webmail works best with the latest version of Internet Explorer or Firefox for access.
  • Use your email address for logging in (<username>,
  • If you are having access issues and have Avast installed, contact the UHI Servicedesk for configuration assistance.
  • We’ve simplified the login process for the Outlook Web App (OWA). It now works the same way across multiple browsers, whether you are at home or on campus.
If you have problems with this service please contact the UHI Servicedesk.

How to log in to the Office365 Web Access Client

This page lists the steps needed to access your new Office 365 e-mail account via the web.  Web access offers users instant access to their e-mail and calendar through Microsoft’s Outlook Web App.


  • Internet Access
  • Your UHI email address and password

Steps to Access Your Office 365 E-mail Account on the Web

  1. Go to the Office365 Portal Sign In page
  2. Login with your credentials (
  3. You should be automatically taken into your inbox. If you aren’t, click on the square icon at the top left, and select ‘Mail’

Unsure of your email address?

  • If you are a student, this is your student number followed by
  • If you are staff, this is your Login ID followed by