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Our Mission

Art Jewelry Forum (AJF) is a non-profit organization established in 1997 to advocate for the international field of contemporary art jewelry. We do so through education, discourse, appreciation, and support for the field.

AJF actively advocates for the international field of contemporary art jewelry and the talented artists who create it. We publish dynamic original content from the field’s most fascinating voices to inform, educate, and encourage critical thinking and intelligent discourse. We aim to stimulate the marketplace and increase the knowledge of consumers, artists, curators, and gallerists through organized events and informative articles, interviews, and opinions in our online magazine. We also provide financial support to artists, speakers, and writers in the form of grants and payment for commissioned articles. Above all, our goal is to give visibility and value to contemporary jewelry.

University of the Arts Jewelry

Support the Passion

AJF has been a strong and growing force in support of the art jewelry scene since our founding in 1997. If you appreciate the fearless work coming out of the art jewelry community, consider providing your individual financial support to our advocacy efforts. In doing so, you will become a member of AJF’s community of donors who make it all possible. Find out more reasons and the assosciated benefits of becoming a member donor or an institutional sponsor by following the links.

To ensure a steady stream of interesting articles, it is important for AJF to receive contributions from writers. We accept submissions of writing proposals for our website from both established authors and emerging talents. AJF’s publication standards, which spell out what we expect from contributors, and what our readers can expect from us, can be found here.

Meet AJF’s Team

We are guided by a seventeen person all-volunteer board of passionate art jewelry advocates, a staff of four assisted by a small army of volunteers and interns. Susan Cummins, an art historian and intrepid collector, founded AJF and chairs the board. Executive director Rebekah Frank, an artist and organizational mastermind, takes our ideas and makes them reality with the assistance of three dedicated staff members and a great team of volunteers and interns. Find out more about the individuals that make AJF run at this link.