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We have a Quantity Surveyor working with us in Property & Business Services called Andrew Joyce who has been with us since 1st October, 2001.  The question that some people may have is that they have heard of Quantity Surveyors, but have no real idea about what they actually do.  The common answer is that they count bricks, but in reality the real answer to that is that a quantity surveyor (QS) is a professional working within the construction industry concerned with construction costs and contracts. Services provided by a quantity surveyor often include: Cost planning and commercial management throughout the entire life cycle of the project from inception to post-completion.


Andrew’s role is to price up initial feasibilities. An example would be that a department may decide that it needs a new build, and the QS will provide an idea of how much it will cost for them to use for internal purposes to see if they want to proceed, and whether they want to go for grant funding. It could also be quiet a detailed estimate that considers the varied and multiple types of finishes or very broad-brush, the cost per square metre.

For smaller projects, clients may need to know costs for something such as new doors, floorings, tiles etc. Where there is more detail the QS is able to provide more accuracy with cost.

In many cases the QS may be able to reduce the scope without reducing the overall picture. Reduced cost need not mean reduced quality.

Cost Control

Feasibility studies feed into cost control enabling one to avoid potential overspend or where necessary, to make savings. This information is essential for when projects are put out to tender to enable savings to be made or to highlight what can be done to reduce costs without losing the overall concept.

The QS is also responsible for producing the initial tender document and for contractual advice and is  professionally qualified and a member of the Royal Institute of Charted Surveyors.

Not many people know this but…

Click here to return to home pageOutside of his much appreciated hard work at the University of Sheffield Andrew is a world champion!  As well as having played competitive league tables tennis for around 22 years Andrew has volunteered on a number international table tennis events starting with the World Championships held in Manchester in 1997 followed by the World Veterans Championships again in Manchester in 1998, the Commonwealth Games again in Manchester and numerous English Opens.

Andrew Joyce
Quantity Surveyor (MRICS) | Telephone 0114 222 9024