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C300 BSc (Hons) 3 years

QMUL has a strong record of research achievement in understanding the structure, physiology, ecology and behaviour of animals – from microscopic creatures to turtles and bats.  Our programme will give you an overview of modern zoological thinking, including a strong emphasis on the underlying concepts that shape our understanding of animal diversity.  As a zoology student, you will get a thorough grounding in vertebrate and invertebrate biology, including physiology, behaviour, evolution and ecology. Modules in molecular and population genetics, ecology, statistics and immunology are also available.

We place a strong emphasis on fieldwork, with compulsory and option modules taking students to locations across the UK and internationally, including:

  • Studying tropical ecology in Kruger Park, South Africa – View Dr Rob Knell’s photos of Kruger Park
  • Hunting dinosaur fossils in Canada – View photos from the field trip to Canada
  • Studying predator-prey interactions in Somerset

You can view more photos from our recent field trips on our Flickr page.  Details of field trip costs are in the struture tab.


  • Hands-on experience from field trips
  • Wide array of second and third year option modules

Important discoveries

On a recent trip to Canada, as part of the option final year module Species and their relationships: dinosaurs to DNA, students made an important dinosaur discovery. The rare hadrosaur skull they unearthed is now housed in the Royal Tyrrell Museum of Pathology. Watch our video from the trip:

Student projects

Students have the option of taking an investigative or research project in your final year. For many students, this is the highlight of their time with us, giving them an opportunity to work alongside established researchers in the field. The Natural History Museum, London Zoo, Forest Enterprise and London University’s Marine Biological Station at Millport in Scotland all provide special opportunities for original investigative work.

Research and teaching

By choosing to study at a Russell Group university, you will have access to excellent teaching and top class research. You will be taught by staff who are actively involved in research, who are enthusiastic about their subjects and sharing their knowledge with you.

You can find out more about our research interests on Organismal Biology department page.