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Divinity (BD) and Theology (DipHE and CertHE)

Gain a prestigious University of London Bachelor of Divinity qualification by distance learning.

Religious beliefs provide a sense of purpose, a source of values, and a way of life for many people. The University of London Bachelor of Divinity (BD) is one of the oldest and most highly respected Theology programmes in the world. It will enable you to wrestle with complex issues which go to the heart of who we are as human beings.

Christianity will be your main focus, with options to study other religions and/or specialise in areas such as the philosophy of religion and ethics, church history or science and religion.

This programme will enable you to:

  • study questions which are of fundamental human concern, e.g. the purpose of human life, or what happens to us when we die.
  • gain a deeper understanding of individuals and communities who have been influenced by religious belief and understand how these beliefs have shaped societies.
  • develop your skills in understanding, analysing and constructing different types of argument, and to present a clear written account of your findings.
Key dates
Application deadline 31 October in the year before you intend to sit your first examinations
Registration deadline 30 November
Start studying Study materials are usually available from mid-August
Examinations take place May

Study options

You can choose to study for a full BD, a Diploma of Higher Education in Theology, or a Certificate of Higher Education in Theology. The Diploma and Certificate enable you to gain a University of London award in theology without committing to a full degree.

Also, if you do not meet the entrance requirements for admission to the degree, you may still be eligible for the Certificate. If you obtain the Diploma or Certificate in Theology you may transfer your registration to the BD and automatically be credited with the modules you have completed.

You will be able to produce clear written accounts of your knowledge and arguments, analyse texts, and study questions which are of fundamental human concern.

Prestige and career progression

From 1 August 2017, the academic direction for this programme will be provided by the University of London. It was previously provided by Heythrop College, University of London.

The skills you will gain are valuable in many walks of life. The ability to understand and analyse complex ideas and to produce a coherent written account is essential in many contexts.

Theology is particularly useful not only for those working with one of the churches, but also for those in the teaching profession, the social services, or other occupations that are concerned with people and their values. The managerial and organisational levels of the voluntary sector are also particularly interested in those with theological expertise.

Flexible study at a reasonable cost

You have 3-8 years to complete the BD degree, 2-5 years to complete the DipHE, and 1-5 years to complete the CertHE. Fees are payable as you progress rather than as a single lump sum.

As a guide, the total amount you can expect to pay to the University for the whole programme of study is approximately £5,510 for the BD, £3,610 for the DipHE, and £1,990 for the CertHE.

These totals take into account expected annual increases and assume completion within the minimum time permitted, without resits.