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We accept qualifications from around the world, please see Qualifications for Entrance. The value of each qualification is indicated with an O, A, S or G (key found within the above link). Please note there are many tertiary qualifications that are not listed in the above link that are acceptable to the University for admission purposes, these might include, Diplomas, Advanced Diplomas, Higher Diplomas and National Diplomas. For further information please contact us.

Successful applicants applying to one of our full first degrees (e.g. / BA / BSc / LLB) or Diploma of Higher Education programmes must normally satisfy:

  • General Entrance Requirements (category G within our Qualifications for Entrance Schedule) and
  • specific programme requirements where applicable (e.g. Mathematics competency) and
  • English language requirements.

Where applicable specific entrance and English language requirements are detailed on individual programme pages under the Requirements tab.

Those applying to one of our lower awards (e.g. Certificate of Higher Education), must normally:

  • hold qualifications at least equivalent to UK GCSE standard grade C or above (category O within our Qualifications for Entrance Schedule) and
  • satisfy specific programme requirements (e.g. Mathematics competency) and
  • satisfy English language requirements.

Those applying to one of our Graduate Diploma programmes are advised to visit the Requirements tab of your chosen programme before submitting an application.

There are a few countries missing from our Qualifications for Entrance Schedule. This does not mean that qualifications from these countries are unacceptable only it is not possible to publish our requirements due to more than one grading system operating within the country in question. If you hold school leaving (or other) qualification(s) from a country that is not listed then you are advised to contact us prior to submitting an application.

Please note: where possible the University will always try and advise an applicant on eligibility prior to submitting a formal application. However, due to our increase in workload we are unable to provide this advice between 1 September and 30 October of each year.

If you are not automatically eligible then you will be individually considered by the Admissions Panel. The Admissions Panel will consider qualifications which are not published under the Qualifications for Entrance Schedule, incomplete qualifications (e.g. diplomas / degrees) and substantial relevant work experience. If we cannot accept you with your current qualifications and experience, we will advise you what qualifications you could take in order to become eligible in the future.

Computer/internet access: you will require access to a computer/internet in order to study successfully on all of our courses.


Those applying to one of our Postgraduate programmes (Masters / Postgraduate Diplomas / Postgraduate Certificates) or Postgraduate Individual Module are advised to visit the Requirements tab of your chosen programme before submitting an application as entrance requirements vary.

Admissions appeal process

The University is committed to ensuring all decisions taken by the Admissions Office are clear, transparent and in-line with set precedent.

If you want to appeal against a decision concerning your eligibility then please read the following: University of London Admissions Appeals Procedure: A Guide for Applicants [pdf: 1pg, 319KB].