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The University of London Officer Training Corps (ULOTC) is a gathering of like-minded people who want more from university life than pure academic studies.

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ULOTC is part of the Army Reserve, and the University of London. The aim of ULOTC is to develop the character, leadership, and the physical and mental ability of its members. ULOTC is the largest OTC in the country with members from the South East catchment area, encompassing over 60,000 students.

The unparalleled opportunities that London holds are reflected in the ULOTC through both work and recreation. Many cadets go on to the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst and become officers in the Regular and Territorial Army. Many others go to work in successful, influential jobs. The skills and qualities the ULOTC cultivates are of significant benefit to those who graduate from university.


University of London Officer Training Corps
Yeomanry House
Handel Street


+44 (0)207 414 3890


University of London

The University of London is a collegiate research university located in London, England, consisting of 18 constituent colleges, nine research institutes and a number of central bodies.

The university is the largest university by number of full-time students in the United Kingdom, with 161,270 campus-based students and over 50,000 distance learning students in the University of London International Programmes. The university was established by royal charter in 1836, as a degree-awarding examination board for students holding certificates from University College London (UCL) (previously called London University) and King’s College London and “other such other Institutions, corporate or unincorporated, as shall be established for the purpose of Education, whether within the Metropolis or elsewhere within our United Kingdom”. The university moved to a federal structure in 1900.