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Past exam papers and commentaries

Please note: past examination papers and Examiners’ commentaries are online only. Commentaries will be uploaded when finalised.


These papers and commentaries are copyright of the University of London and may not be reproduced in whole or in part by any means unless the prior consent of the University has been obtained.

The structure of each qualification, including the number and type of papers to be offered, is laid down in the current Regulations for that qualification. If you do not have a copy of the Regulations, they may be viewed/downloaded from the Regulations section of this website.

The University sets different papers for its examinations in various parts of the world (Zone A, Zone B), although all are marked to the same standard. In just a few cases, there may have been no students from one of the zones taking the examination and, in that case, there will be only one examination paper and one examiners’ commentary available. In all other cases, students will have access to the examination papers and commentaries from both zones, thus giving them more material to use for their own examination preparation.

Students should note that the University, in making these past examination papers available, does not undertake to guarantee that the format, style or requirements of any future examination paper in the same subject will be the same or similar.

Contact for Regulations

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