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Free Trail Lesson!

We are offering a free trial judo sesson for anyone interested in giving the club a try. In order to access your free session simply login or create an account on the student central website, Univerisity of London student should use their college email then add free session from the menu at the right of the page.

Judo is an established and welcoming club, catering to all from beginners to black belts (male and female). We’re lucky enough to have both a spacious and easy to reach gym, and a former Olympic squad member as our coach. For the uninitiated: Judo involves throws, hold downs, and locks, rather than strikes. It’s an effective and fun form of exercise with opportunity for competition, graded progression, and of course after session drinks!

University of London Judo

What We Do

A typical session begins with a solid half hour warm up followed by some ne-waza (ground work). We then do some standing uchi komi (throw practice) and then work through specific techniques, followed by 15/20 minutes of randori (free practice). If you attend a Friday session you may even be “treated” to an extra warm down 😉

For the beginner don’t be alarmed, our coach will look out for you and ease you into the sessions, at times dividing the class in two to cover different levels.

After sessions you’ll usually find people heading up to the bar on Fridays, or meeting upstairs to head for lunch nearby on Sunday.

Also, If attending your first session don’t worry about having a Judo-Gi (the whit suits) standard gym clothes is fine – preferably trousers rather than shorts – and just be sure to trim nails, removed jewelry and tie back any hair.