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The following service is offered by the University of London International Academy:

London Exam Marking Services

Based in Bloomsbury, London Exam Marking Services (LEMS) provide exam marking services designed to score and analyse Extended Matching Questions (EMQs), Single Best Answer (SBAs) and Determinate Response (True/False) assessments.

These services are available to all University of London schools and colleges and to external customers. With over twenty years experience, our strongest assets are quick turnaround and accuracy.


Please note that all Academic Committee papers are in PDF format.

ULIAAC PAPERS 8: 1 March 2013
AC 8 Agenda PDF
AC 8 AC 8 Minutes – Chair Approved – Revised PDF
AC 8/1 Minutes of Academic Committee 7 PDF
AC 8/2 Engagement with the Quality Assurance Agency PDF
AC 8/3 General Regulations for Level 3 Programmes PDF
AC 8/4 Biennial Review of Effectiveness of the University of London International Academy Academic Committee PDF
AC 8/5 Institutions sub-committee 21 minutes: 30 January 2013 Reserved Business
AC 8/6 Quality Assurance and Student Lifecycle sub-committee minutes: 8 February 2013 PDF
AC 8/7 Systems and Technologies sub-committee minutes: 22 January 2013 Reserved Business
AC 8/8 Minutes – Chair approved tbc
AC 8/8a Learning, Teaching and Assessment Sub-Committee minutes: 4 October 2012 PDF
AC 8/8b Learning, Teaching and Assessment sub-committee minutes: 7 February 2013 PDF
AC 8/9 Undergraduate Laws Committee Minutes ULC31 PDF
AC 8/10 Phased launch of BSc Business and Management programme and notice of withdrawal of the BSc Business and BSc Management programmes PDF
AC 8/11 Withdrawal of the Sociology Programmes from the EMFSS Suite PDF
AC 8/12 Withdrawal of the Non-credit Bearing Modules From The International Business Programme PDF