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University of London Intercollegiate Halls

The Intercollegiate Halls of Residence is student accommodation offered by the University of London to the students of its colleges. Most of the colleges at the University of London have their own halls of residence offered to their students. The Intercollegiate Halls are offered to all the colleges of the University of London. This makes them a vibrant and unique environment in which you can meet people studying a variety of subjects that you wouldn’t come across at your university’s campus.

Is the accommodation at the Intercollegiate Halls catered?


Most rooms at the Intercollegiate Halls are catered; students receive breakfast and dinner that are included in the price. Any room, studio or flat that has a kitchen or a kitchenette is self-catered. Students living in self-catered accommodation have an option to buy a meal plan. The cost of a meal plan is £3.60 a day (2015/16 price) and has to be paid in full for the whole academic year.

Can I apply if I study at any academic institution in London?

We do not accept direct applications from individual applicants (with an exception of the waiting list). Please contact your college in order to apply. If you are applying for family accommodation you can apply to us directly by following the instructions (bottom of the page).

How much deposit do I have to pay?

The deposit amount depends on the type of accommodation you have been offered. It is £500 for catered rooms and Clandon House and 4 weeks’ rent for self-catered accommodation (e.g. studios, flats, apartments). In addition, a non-refundable registration fee of £25 is also required.