University of London Freshers Week 2017

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Students’ Union UCL Freshers’ Fair 2017


Saturday, 30 September

Sunday, 1 October 

On Saturday 30 Sept and Sunday 1 Oct, over 10,000 students will pass through the UCLU Welcome Fair for the return of one of the UK’s biggest Freshers’ Fairs. Bringing together over 250 clubs and societies with scores of commercial stands as well as music acts, stage performances and a wide range of entertainments, the fair is a unique opportunity to get your business noticed and remembered by UCL students.

Both new and returning students mark the start of the UCL academic year by coming to the fair, where they get the opportunity to see all UCLU clubs and societies as well as purchase tickets for coveted sell-out start-of-term events, sign up to UCLU newsletters and get ready for the new year.

At the Welcome Fair you can use your stall for anything from distributing promotional materials and samples (freebies are always popular with students!) to expanding your mailing lists and signing up new members.

If you would like to enquire about booking a stall at the Freshers’ Fair, please contact or call on 0207 679 3946

We have three stall options available for organisations to interact with UCL students:

Stall type Size Access passes £ One day £ Two days
Charity 1.2 X 1m 2 n/a 700
Local Business (inc. UCL Departments) 1.2 X 1m 2 750 1400
National Company 1.2 X 1m 2 850 1550

Please note that the above prices exclude VAT.

What’s included:

All stalls come with a table, two chairs, poster board behind the stall, electricity access point and WiFi. In addition your stall holders will receive two access passes for easy entry and exit of the Fair.

Please note that additional personnel will not be permitted.

If you’re planning a bigger activity:

In the past, we have had companies hoping to join us with some bigger activities (think freebie vans and photo booths). These activities are far too large to go in the marquee with the rest of the stalls, but we do have a limited number of outdoor spaces. If you think you might be interested in an outdoor space, give us a call on 0207 679 3946 to discuss what activity you’re planning and whether or not we could accommodate it. At £1000 for one day or £1850 for two and an extra access pass per day, this is an option for an organisation that’s looking to make a big impression!

Please note that these can only be booked through prior agreement and do not appear on the standard booking form.


We offer a discounted Standard Stall to registered charities at a fixed rate of £700 for two days at the fair. Please note that any charities looking to recruit volunteers are required to attend the Volunteer Fair on 8th and 9th October rather, than the Welcome Fair. Please contact Sarah Boddy  for more information.


Please be aware that UCLU runs a number of services and 250 clubs and societies. In order to give these groups and services the best possible chance to flourish, we don’t accept bookings from organisations with similar purposes. For example, as we run our own gym, we don’t take bookings from gyms; similarly, as we have faith based societies, we don’t take bookings from churches etc. and so on.

Furthermore, UCLU is committed by policy not to accept bookings from accommodation companies, lads mags, gambling organisations and some others. If you are unsure as to whether these restrictions may apply to your company, please feel free to get in touch.