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Our activities

The University of London is unlike many other universities. It is a loose federation of 18 autonomous member institutions of outstanding reputation, and a number of highly acclaimed central academic bodies and activities. These Financial Statements cover the activities of the central University. The central academic bodies include the University of London International Academy which offers distance learning courses to over 50,000 students in 180 countries; the School of Advanced Study (SAS), the UK’s only national centre for the support and facilitation of research in the humanities; Senate House Library and the University of London Institute in Paris. The central University also provides a suite of innovative, high-quality academic support and professional services, and manages a valuable property portfolio providing academic space, student halls of residence and conference facilities.
It has been an eventful year for the University. The implications of the EU referendum vote are uncertain at this point. As a globally connected university, the University of London has a long tradition of welcoming students and staff from the European
Union and across the world. The outcome of the referendum will not alter this and we will continue to welcome students, staff and visitors from the EU and beyond. At this stage it is impossible to gauge the longer term impact on our EU connections in
the fields of research or other collaborations. We are completely committed to working with other universities and with national bodies to do all we can to ensure continued interaction with Europe as fully as possible in the challenging times ahead.