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Economics (BSc)

Gain a respected University of London award, with academic direction from the London School of Economics and Political Science

This degree is for you:

  • if you wish to pursue a career as an economist in academia, industry, finance or government;
  • if you would like to study questions ranging from how much of its income a household chooses to save and what goods it chooses to buy, to how all the households and businesses in the country interact to determine national output;
  • if you wish to learn an approach to a logical analysis of social and individual decision making.
Key dates
Application deadline 1 October in the year before you intend to sit your exams
Registration deadline 30 November
Start studying Study materials are usually available from mid-August
Examinations take place May/June

Programme structure

The degree consists of 12 courses when taken through the Standard Route and 9 courses through the Graduate Entry Route.

Prestige and career progression

The London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE) provides academic direction for this programme. LSE is regarded as an international centre of academic excellence and innovation in the social sciences.

Due to its combination of verbal reasoning and mathematical and quantitative analysis, this degree will prepare you for a career as an economist in industry, finance, government or international organisations. It will also prepare you for a range of other careers where these skills are valued.

Flexible study at a reasonable cost

You have 3-8 years to complete the programme (or a minimum of 2 years on the Graduate Entry Route). Fees are payable as you progress, rather than as a single lump sum.

As a guide, the total amount you can expect to pay to the University for the whole programme of study is approximately £5,240 for the BSc degree through the Standard Route and £3,855 for the BSc degree through the Graduate Entry Route. These totals take into account expected annual increases and assume completion within the minimum time permitted, without resits, and with no law courses being chosen.

Individual courses

The courses that make up this programme are also available to study as individual courses. This may be useful if you wish to enhance your skills or demonstrate knowledge in a specific area (for example to a university or a professional body).

Subject to certain requirements, you can normally transfer the credits from completed modules towards a related degree.