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By | 16th June 2017

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Committed to Excellence with Impact

The University of Huddersfield seeks to lead in research, innovation, and engagement through focussed support for our distinctive research strengths. These areas of strategic research investment represent our unique opportunities to contribute important advances in human knowledge and significant improvements in global quality of life. They embrace interdisciplinary grand challenges and key priorities determined by the users of research and are sensitive to both the value of discovery and the value of utility. Our strategy recognises the growing scale and complexity of the challenges facing humanity and aims to facilitate outstanding contributions to our ability to address them.
Huddersfield will nurture these contributions within an inclusive and enabling environment that promotes excellence with impact at every level of endeavour. We will be uncompromising in our commitment to exemplary standards of personal and career development, to proactive and imaginative approaches to equality and diversity, to open access to knowledge and expertise, and to enduring national and international partnerships with leaders in the development of greater levels of ingenuity and innovation, whether they are based in national or local government, higher education or research institutes, industry or commerce, the third sector or the general public.
The United Kingdom has an enviable position as a world leader in research, technology development and innovation, built on the most productive knowledge base in the developed world. Through our Research Strategy 2011-2020 Huddersfield will strive to make a formidable and growing contribution to that standing.