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Reference requests

Confirmation of dates attended and course title only

If you require confirmation of dates attended and course title only, please send your request by email (sent from a company/generic e-mail) or by post to:

Admissions and Records Office
University of Huddersfield

You should receive an answer within 5 working days, however, at busy times (particularly during August, September and October) this may take longer.

University of Huddersfield Referencing

Personal references

Please note, it is the policy of the Admissions and Records Office to provide dates and course studied only.

Requests for personal (character) references should be directed to the academic department in which the student studied.

Always check your references

Think of yourself as the quality controller of your reference list.  Make sure that your citations and references are as good as they can be by checking that all the details are correct and that you have followed the guidance provided.

Referencing using APA 6th

When you have included information from published sources in your work, you must acknowledge this information fully and accurately by:

  • identifying your sources, in a brief format, in the body of your written work (referred to as an in-text citation)
  • providing a detailed list of your sources in an alphabetical list at the end of your work (known as a reference list).

There are a number of officially accepted formats that can be used to reference your work. The University preferred referencing style is APA 6th. However, some departments may prefer another style, and it is wise to check with your academic tutors whether your subject area uses an alternative system.

Bite-size training sessions for APA

Come along to a drop-in where you can ask any questions you have about APA referencing.