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Queen Street Studios
West Yorkshire

United Kingdom


Queen Street Studios, University of Huddersfield

Noberne Series 1, 3, 5 & SR doorsets were specified on the Queen Street Studios project.

Acoustics & durability were key deciders in specification for this project. Noberne were specified due the extended performance of doors due to perimeter frame construction and acoustics of up to 43db as required by the client.

Queen Street Studios First Aid Personnel


  • Simon Dunning, QSB/08, 1356
  • Martin Swithenbank, QSB/08, 3513

Ground Floor

  • Rob Lovett, QSG/05, 3363
  • Sharon Slack, QSG/02, 3135
  • Jo Stead, QSG/02, 2281

First Floor

  • Yun Gao, QS1/01, 2621


Queen Street Building First Aid Personnel

Ground Floor

  • Sharon Baines, QSBG/25, 1662
  • Allan Butters, QSBG/12, 2473
  • Jeanette Parkin, QSBG/12, 2473
  • Sophie Phillips, QSBG/25, 1072
  • Nigel Short, QSBG/11, 07803 161578


The University of Huddersfield (informally Huddersfield University) is a public university located in Huddersfield, West Yorkshire, England.


The present University of Huddersfield can trace its history back through several predecessor institutions.

An early failure (1825)

In 1825 there was an attempt to set up a Scientific and Mechanics Institution in the town. Supported by a group of donors, its patron was leading Whig and large local landowner Sir John Ramsden. Its aims were to instruct local mechanics and tradesmen in scientific principles relating to their work, through lectures and a circulation library, which by 1827 contained over 700 volumes. The financial crisis of 1825–1826 led to the failure of the institution’s bankers, and it faltered and later became part of the Huddersfield Philosophical Society, an organisation with which its rules now more closely aligned. Some 19th century students earned qualifications as external students of the University of London.