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The university of Huddersfield offer many nursing degree courses. These courses include the following:

  • Nursing (Adult) BSc(Hons)
  • Nursing (Mental Health) BSc(Hons)
  • Nursing (Child) BSc (Hons)
  • Nursing (Child)
  • Nursing (Adult) (B700)
  • Nursing (Mental Health) (B7P0)
  • Nursing (Adult) BSc (Hons)

Nursing (Adult) BSc (Hons)

Dress code: Smart.

What do I need to bring?

You will need to bring the following documents with you when you come to the interview:

  1. Your original birth certificate
  2. Your marriage certificate (if applicable)
  3. Evidence of any other name change (for example deed poll, divorce, etc.)
  4. Passport or travel documents

If you do not have any of these documents available, you will need to contact the admissions assistant prior to your interview.

In addition you will also need to bring:

  • The original (or a certified copy) of certificates for all relevant qualifications listed on your UCAS form at level 2 or above. We will not need to see evidence of any study days or level 1 qualifications.
  • A photocopy of all these certificates which will be retained by the University. The originals will be returned to you at the close of the interview.
  • Second referee details (you will be sent a form to complete these details before the interview).

Please note that we will be unable to interview you if you arrive without the relevant ID evidence listed above. If you do not have original certificates of qualifications you will need to contact the admissions assistant prior to your interview.

What will happen on the day?

You will be welcomed, given an overview of the course and have the opportunity to ask any course related questions.

The interview process will involve you visiting four separate interview stations where you will answer a question or scenario from a variety of people which may include two tutors from the adult field of the nursing course, a service user or carer, as well as a registered adult nurse from clinical practice. You will have a time limited interview with each, before moving on to the next station.