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By | 15th June 2017

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The Law School

Name School Role Telephone Email
Joanne Battye Departmental Administrator [01484] 473939

Academic Staff

Andrew Cash Senior Lecturer [01484] 471119
Alan Cockerill Senior Lecturer [01484] 473961
Carol Cook Subject Leader (Professional Studies) [01484] 471018
Phil Drake Senior Lecturer [01484] 472094
Mark Edwards Senior Lecturer [01484] 472882
Melanies Fellowes Senior Lecturer [01484] 472634
Geoff Fowler Senior Lecturer [01484] 472496
Natalies Gibson Senior Lecturer [01484] 472925
Angela Grunert Senior Lecturer [01484] 472641
Tina Hart Principal Lecturer [01484] 472967
Emma Hatfield Senior Lecturer [01484] 473942
Rebecca Kelly Senior Lecturer [01484] 472489
Jacqueline Lane Senior Lecturer [01484] 473625
Susan Lazer Subject Group Leader [01484] 472294
Gemma Manning Senior Lecturer [01484] 473070
James Mendelsohn Senior Lecturer [01484] 473607
Dr George Ndi Senior Lecturer [01484] 473080
Vince Pescod Senior Lecturer [01484] 471380
Alexia Place Senior Lecturer [01484] 473601
Catherine Stanbury Senior Lecturer [01484] 471119
Dr Gerald Swaby Senior Lecturer [01484] 475011
Professor Stuart Toddington Professor of Jurisprudence [01484] 472970
Ann Wood Senior Lecturer [01484] 472551

Research Assistants

Dr Jing Wang Research Assistant [01484] 472112

Law is a fascinating subject area. It requires analysis, logical and lateral thought, combined with precision and tenacity. And if you want to become a barrister you’ll need to give a good performance in a court of law.

A career as a solicitor can provide a wealth of opportunity and the diversity of the work is immense. You may be working on commercial contracts for multinational firms, advising celebrities as a media lawyer, be involved in buying and selling property or representing people accused of crimes. Solicitors are increasingly at the centre of both commerce and the community.

You will need to follow a professional route to become a fully qualified solicitor or barrister and our LLB(Hons) and Master of Law and Practice (MLP) courses will put you on the path to a satisfying legal career.

Our innovative Partners in Law scheme links you with ten legal firms, both from the region and nationally with international repute for networking, mentoring and training opportunities.

The University has invested substantially in a unique and innovative student-led Legal Advice Clinic. Located in the town centre, the clinic serves the community of Huddersfield, with our students providing real advice to real people. It’s the first Legal Advice Clinic of its kind in the UK situated permanently off campus and in the community.

The Business School opened in 2010 and provides a modern and professional environment for our students to learn, network and relax. All of our teaching staff have been awarded professional recognition by the Higher Education Academy (HEA).