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Ann Kawai
President, Japanese Student Society

“We welcome all students and staff to get involved with the Japanese Student Society. “We have grown over the years to represent our country and work very closely with other international student societies and get involved in all the campus events.

“It would be so nice to have you involved and be able to have the chance to exchange cultures, languages and traditions and learn something new along the way.

“Being a part of the society has opened my eyes to the world and allowed me to make new friends too. Having the chance to exchange cultures and share Japanese tradition has been great fun and we would love for it to continue.

“Message us or like us on Facebook for more information or email:”

Image of South East Asia International Officer, Andrew Ludley

Our International Officer

Name: Andrew LudleyContact details: Email



AFJ1011 Japanese beginners

Japanese beginners (10 credits)

The module provides students who have no previous knowledge of the language with a sound basis in speaking and listening, with some reading and writing. It introduces you to the sounds, basic structures, common vocabulary and expressions of the language and is designed to enable you to use some basic language in a range of everyday and practical situations. It also offers an insight into some aspects of the social and cultural life in the parts of the world where this language is used. The module contributes to the attainment of skills appropriate to the Breakthrough level of the Languages Ladder, that is part of the National Languages Strategy and that maps across to the Common European Framework for Languages.

Outline Syllabus
The syllabus will typically include a wide range of exercises and activities designed to improve the student’s ability to understand spoken and written Japanese; and to produce her or his own Japanese in spoken form and, to a limited extent, written form. Activities include practical language exercises, work into and out of Japanese and role plays.

Intended Learning Outcomes
Upon successful completion of the module, students will be able to:

Knowledge and Understanding

  1. Demonstrate an understanding of a range of basic structures characteristic of the language


  1. Produce a range of basic sounds in Japanese with a reasonable degree of clarity and precision
  2. Recognise some basic spoken and written Japanese
  3. Write some basic Japanese with a reasonable level of accuracy