University of Huddersfield Ethics Form

By | 15th June 2017

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University of Huddersfield Ethics Form

Applying for internal and external ethical approval

The requirements and procedures for submitting an application to the School Ethics Research Panel (SREP) are outlined in the four sections shown below which address questions commonly asked by SREP applicants, including one that provides advice about external ethical scrutiny.

  • Do I need to apply to SREP for my study?
    Information is provided regarding the definition of research requiring ethical review and the differing ethical review requirements for members of staff, research degree candidates and students on taught courses.
  • How do I apply to SREP?
    This section provides access to copies of the documentation required for application to SREP, together with guidance on how the applicants should use or complete these documents. Information is given for applicants who might wish to access training in research ethics and ethical approval procedures and advice is also provided about approvals for security-sensitive research.
  • What happens when I have submitted my application?
    The different responses that the applicant might receive following an application are outlined and the processes are described for resubmission or submission of amendments to the application.
    Once you have been granted ethical approval, it is your responsibility to ensure that your research is conducted in compliance with the terms agreed. You will be required to complete an annual compliance report demonstrating that your research has been conducted according to your application, this will be sent to you by the SREP Administrator. If, for any reason, there is a significant change in your research  (so that it differs from the application originally approved) you should inform SREP and these changes can be addressed through Chair’s Action.
  • Do I need external ethics committee approval?
    This section explains the types of research which should be submitted to an NHS Research Ethics Committee or to the National Offender Management Service. Information is also provided about accessing training for NHS approvals procedures.