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By | 14th June 2017

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University of Huddersfield Engineering

Engineering has a vibrant and rapidly growing research community with expertise in such diverse areas as precision engineering, intelligent interfaces, systems engineering, and diagnostics. Our research environment is lively and collaborative, and well stocked with cutting edge equipment. Our Centre for Precision Technologies is widely regarded as the best research facility of its type in the UK and one of the top three in Europe.

In recent years we have invested in significant new infrastructure incuding a Nanolab, CT facililities, high performance computing (in collaboration with the Science and Technology Facilities Council), FIB and TEM instrumentation, as well as laboratories for optics and diagnostics.

If you are interested in studying for a research degree please see our current research opportunities.

Institutes and Centres

EPSRC CIMAM Centre for Innovative Manufacturing in Advanced Metrology (CIMAM)
The EPSRC Centre for Innovative Manufacturing in Advanced Metrology’s rationale is to break new ground by creating the concept of the “factory on the machine” to deliver to UK industry “disruptive” solutions in the field of Total Machining and Advanced Surfaces.

Institute of Railway Research (IRR) Institute of Railway Research (IRR)
The Institute of Railway Research (IRR) at the University of Huddersfield was formed in August 2012 with the aim to become a world leading centre of railway engineering research.

 The Centre for Efficiency and Performance Engineering (CEPE) The Centre for Efficiency and Performance Engineering (CEPE)
With an international reputation as a world leader in the field of plant condition and performance monitoring, we aim to advance the scope and sensitivity of machinery fault detection and diagnosis and of plant performance and emissions monitoring.

Centre for Precision Technologies (CPT) Centre for Precision Technologies (CPT)
The Centre for Precision Technologies (CPT) is a centre of excellence for collaborative metrology research, solving real-world manufacturing problems through cutting edge metrology research in precision engineering. Our research is key to driving quality and cost benefits for industry by embedding metrology into manufacturing processes.

Arms and Armour Arms and Armour Research Institute
The Arms and Armour Research Institute consists of a multidisciplinary team of academics selected for their academic expertise across areas including History, Archaeology, Forensic and Materials Science.

Turbocharger TRI Thumb Turbocharger Research Institute (TRI)

The Turbocharger Research Institute (TRI) at The University of Huddersfield has been established to develop training to support companies at the forefront of this world-leading technology and to conduct research relating to the use of turbochargers.


Energy, Emissions and the Environment (EEE) Research Group Energy, Emissions and the Environment (EEE) Research Group
The work of the Energy, Emissions and Environment Research Group (EEERG) focuses on supporting national energy needs through research supported by the government, industry and the EU.

 Condition Monitoring and Diagnosis Group (CMDG) Condition Monitoring and Diagnosis Group (CMDG)
The vision of the Condition Monitoring and Diagnosis Group (CMDG) is to undertake applied research and development with the aim of advancing the scope and the sensitivity of machinery fault detection and diagnosis, performance and emissions monitoring.

 Measurement and Data Analysis Group (MDAG) Measurement and Data Analysis Group (MDAG)
We specialise in the development of accurate information processing systems for machinery condition and performance diagnosis.

Emma Electron Microscopy and Materials Analysis (EMMA) Research Group
The Group’s research revolves around the use of electron microscopy to study the interaction of energetic particles with matter; an area that has relevance to materials for space, the semiconductor industry and particularly to the nuclear industry because it will help decide the materials used for the next generation of reactors being constructed over the next decade.

Automotive and Marine Engineering Research Group (AMEG) Automotive and Marine Engineering Research Group (AMEG)
Our aim is to promote and advance automotive and marine engineering research at a national and international level and to disseminate that excellence in research to the global automotive and marine engineering communities.

Systems Engineering Research Group (SERG) Systems Engineering Research Group (SERG)
We aim to promote expertise in electronic and electrical systems from which stems an enormous diversity of research into flow measurement, communications systems and clean energy generation.

CE Pedagogical Research Pedagogical Research Group (CEPRG)
Our aim is to perform research on pedagogical issues in order to increase the effectiveness of teaching, learning and scholarly activities within the School of Computing and Engineering and across the University.

Music Technology Research Groups

MTPRG Group Music Technology and Production Research Group
The Music Technology and Production Group is interested in a diverse range of subjects including surround sound decoders and sound quality; the application of Artificial Intelligence in music composition; and production techniques…

Adaptive Music Technology Research Group Adaptive Music Technology Research Group
Adaptive technology (also known as assistive technology) refers to technology which enables people to perform tasks which they would normally find difficult or impossible to achieve…