University Of Glasgow Past Papers

By | 7th June 2017

University Of Glasgow Past Papers

Electronic Exam Papers

  The previous 4 years exam papers are available in PDF format to the staff and students of the University of Glasgow who should make no more than one copy for private study or research. Please note that exam papers are added over a period of time and some individual papers may be missing if a copy has not yet been received.

Exam papers can most easily be found by using the exam papers search.

Search by keyword(s) such as:

  • history exam (for all history exam papers)
  • commercial banking exam (for all commercial banking exam papers)
  • engineering 2012 exam (for all 2012 engineering exam papers)

Choose the exam set that you require, and select the Print or View link to display the PDF version of the individual paper(s) that you require. If you are not already logged in to your library account, you will be prompted to login using your name and barcode which is the 14 digit number printed on your University ID card. You will remain logged in as you Print or View any further exam papers.

Browser tip:
Depending on how your web browser (e.g. Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox) is setup to display PDFs, you might need to use the back button on the browser to return to the list of exam papers.

Important Security Notice
Log Out: when you have finished, select the exam papers search again from the left hand menu. This will display the Log Out option. You must logout. This will ensure that no-one else has access to your library account details.

See also printed exam papers.

University Of Glasgow Past Papers

Printed Exam Papers

Before you arrange to consult a printed exam paper, remember that they are also available online and can be found quickly and easily using the exam papers search.

Print copies of previous exam papers (ranging from the late 19th century to the present day) have been bound by degree and are available, for consultation only, at University’s Archive Services, in Thurso Street.

Material from this collection may be consulted upon arrangement with the Duty Archivist.  Appointments to view the exam papers are necessary – Archive Services is open to readers from Monday – Friday,  09:30 – 17:00.

University Of Glasgow Past Papers

Requesting exam papers

You must request the exam papers that you wish to view in advance of your visit.

Your request should be submitted to the Duty Archivist via email and should include details of degree, level (either Ordinary or Honours) and year. The specific title of the exam paper is not required as the papers are bound by degree and the entire volume will be retrieved. If B.Sc. (Engineering) or M.A. (Social Science) are required, please stipulate, as these are bound separately from the other B.Sc. and M.A. papers.

  • Requests submitted by 9.30am will usually be available after 14.00pm that day.
  • Requests made after 9.30am will be available the next day after 14.00pm.

Copying print exam papers

You can either take digital photographs of the exam papers in our searchroom free of charge, or pay for photocopies.  For more information please ask the Duty Archivist.