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Application and Training

  • Your Application – details on your application form (only you can see)

After Training:

  • Your Roles – details on which roles you’ve been trained for (only you can see)


  • Your Shifts – the shifts you’ve chosen (only you can see)
  • Sign-up for Shifts – sign up for individual shifts.
  • Members on shifts – a private members-only list of all the team members on every shift.

University of Exeter Welcome Team:

  • Team Member listing (only Welcome Team can view)
“Volunteering for Welcome Team has been the best thing that I’ve done since coming to university. The actual volunteering is very rewarding, even though it can be tough at times, but the greatest part of volunteering is the chance to be part of such a wonderful group of people. I don’t think I ever have or will meet a nicer bunch.”

University of Exeter Welcome Team, Application process 2017

The application process for 2017 looks a bit different to past years, but we’re acting on feedback from Welcome Team 2016 to deliver a more flexible and clear training and induction process to enable better support.

The process is:

Application stage

  • Apply – questions including induction availability.
  • Scenario – 150 + 750 word answers on a case-study scenario relating to Welcome Team.

Induction stage

  • March, May and September.
  • Select training availability (March 20, 9am – May 5, 5pm)

Training stage

  • Monday 8th May – Friday 2nd June 2017.
  • Training sessions (a session per role) (June, September 10)

Shift selection stage

  • Shift Selection process (from 5 June onwards)

Freshers’ Week 2017 stage

  • Welcome Back (Thursday September 11)
  • Arrivals Weekend – from Friday 12 September
  • Fresher’s Week – from Monday 18 September

Full dates are given on the dates page (above, small screen or to the right on a large display.)

If you are on placement or a year abroad for March-May 2017 you may either attend the September induction and training sessions, or take those parts online from June 16 to July 28.

We will contact you after the July final deadline with any additional information which you need from the answers you give to tests taken as a part of the online training.

Provided that you take part and complete all stages of induction and training you cannot ‘fail’ the process for Welcome Team.

There are no interview stages for Guild-supported Welcome Team roles for 2017.

International Welcome Team is managed by the University, not the Guild – their induction and training will vary from ours, and they will schedule your shifts.

International team members are welcome to take additional shifts in Welcome Team, but must go through the Guild induction and training programme in addition to any sessions run by the University staff support.

We welcome applications for Welcome Team from any continuing student at the University of Exeter, and the process is intended to be as flexible as possible to allow a wide range of students to apply.

There are no other requirements to meet to volunteer, other than turning up to induction and training which is compulsory this year. Failure to attend training (or take the online version) will disqualify you from Welcome Team this year, and there will be no allowances made under any circumstances.