University of Exeter Tuition Fees

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University of Exeter Tuition Fees

How much will I have to pay in tuition fees in September 2017?

The University of Exeter intends to charge tuition fees for UK/EU students of £9,250 in 2017/18, subject to approval from the Government that we meet the criteria in the Teaching Excellence Framework. This represents a rise of 2.8% and will be applied across all subjects and programmes and to both new and continuing students as of September 2017.

The level of fees UK universities charge EU students will be one of the many items that will need to be addressed during the exit negotiations arising out of the British vote to leave the European Union. For EU applicants who apply to study here as of September 2017/18 their fee status will be determined by the agreements reached during the negotiations, therefore we cannot currently confirm what the level of these fees will be. We are working closely with Universities UK (UUK) and the UK Government to obtain clarity on this situation as early as possible.

University of Exeter Tuition Fees

How much will I pay in tuition fees from September 2018?

We can’t say for certain how much UK/EU students will pay from September 2018 but it is our intention to apply moderate annual increases subject to meeting the terms set out by Government. Our ability to do this will depend on the University being successful in achieving an “excellent” outcome in the new Teaching Excellence Framework (TEF), which is based on demonstrating its commitment to widening participation and maintaining high standards in our teaching and delivering excellent outcomes for students in student experience and employability.

All eligible students will be able to secure the money to pay the entirety of their university tuition costs through the relevant funding body and based on current legislation and government guidance, you will only start repaying the loan once you have graduated and are earning more than £21,000 per year.