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Timetabling and Room Booking Office

Welcome to the timetabling and room booking office. Here we support the construction and maintenance of the University’s teaching timetables and an internal ad-hoc room booking service.

Personal timetables are available from MyTimetable as well as via the iExeter app. Please see MyTimetable help for information on how to export your timetable to other devices and applications.

  • If you have a room booking enquiry that is conference related or you are not a member of university staff please contact Event Exeter, otherwise
  • if you would like to view the timetable for a centrally bookable teaching room, click on the Room Timetables item on the left, or
  • if you would like to make an ad-hoc booking request, click on the Request a Room item on the left

University of Exeter Timetable, Understanding the Timetable

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  • use Timetable Codes and References to see what the class code means
  • use Building Codes to identify the building (the first three characters of the location code)
  • use Week Numbers (for the appropriate year) to see how dates relate to timetable week numbers
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University of Exeter Timetable Process Schedule For 2017/18

  The Stages in the Process: 
——doneColleges submit requests for new module codes to Student Records team 
——doneAcademics to be available to discuss module selection 
13 MarchdoneWDC opens to input prospective 1st year and PGT modules (using planned student numbers) 
20 MarchdoneOnline module selection system opens at 09:00 for current 1st and 2nd years 
31 MarchdoneThe online module selection system closes at 17:00 for current 1st and 2nd years 
3 AprildoneWDC data entry for current 1st and 2ndyears using real student numbers on modules 
TBCdoneAdmissions provide colleges with first ‘official’ forecast for undergraduate recruitment. Data to inform WDC module/programme numbers. 
8 MaydoneFreshers’ week data finalised and submitted via WDC 
9 MaydoneWDC closed and OMS finalised 
10 MaydoneTimetabling team import information from WDC and SITS and work on data 
Mid May
Early June
 Confirmation of choices to students 
10 July Draft timetable for term 1 released for checking by Colleges 
Mid July Web Room Bookings (WRB) opens for all weeks up until the commencement of term 1 
24 July Amendments on term 1 timetable returned to the Timetabling team 
7 Aug Academic staff able to access term 1 timetables 
—— College adminstrators take over the student allocation process 
29 August Draft timetable for term 2 released for checking by Colleges 
Late Aug Confirmation of 1st year and PGT actual sizes and adjustments made 
30 Aug Fresher’s college induction timetable released to incoming students (see later dates for teaching activity release dates) 
13 Sept Release of working term 1 timetables for returners 
14 Sept Ad hoc room bookings (WRB) system is opened for all remaining available space (teaching and other) 
18 Sept Release of working timetables (Term 1 Only) for all new entrants (and PGT) 
25 Sept Term 1 commences 
16-27 Oct Amendments on term 2 timetable returned to the Timetabling team 
13 Nov Release of working timetables for all (Term 2) 
It should be noted that changes may occur throughout the life of the timetable, always check the latest data, or with the College.
Data above is only relevent to the Streatham/St Lukes campuses.