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Frequently Asked Questions

When do classes start and finish?

For Undergraduates: Teaching can occur between 8:35am and 6:25pm on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays.-On Wednesdays most teaching finishes at 12:25pm.-On Fridays teaching finishes at 5:25pm.

For Postgraduates:-Teaching can occur between 8:35am and 6:25pm Monday to Thursday.-On Fridays teaching finishes at 5:25pm.  Classes start at 25 minutes to the hour and finish at 25 minutes past the hour to allow travel between classes.

I am not recognised as having a valid staff or student status

The University authentication system can’t identify you. If you are sure that you have used the correct username and password, you should contact the IT Helpdesk for asistanc.

My Id is not recognised when I use ‘My Timetable’ to get my personal timetableStaff:

You are missing from the timetable system-You are present in the timetable system, but we haven’t been informed of your correct id code.

Student:-Your student record must show that you are a current UoE student registered (not provisional) on at least one credit-bearing module delivered at Streatham or St.Lukes campus in Exeter-If you are a PCMD intercalating student, we need to cross-reference your PCMD id with your UoE id.

(Student) I get a message that my timetable is not yet available, when will it be available?

tudent personal timetables generally do not begin to become available until after late September-Your college may have chosen to suppress your personal on-line timetable; the message should have given further information, but if that is insufficient, you should contact your college administration office-General programme and module timetables may be viewed on the Timetable Office web site but note that general timetables include all options and all class groups.

My personal timetable shows no classes OR is incomplete

All:-The default view in My Exeter is for the ‘current’ week, which may have none of your classes running. Try looking at a different period.

Staff:-Your college has not told us about some, or all, of your classes

Student:-Your college has not yet attached you to some, or all, of your classes within the timetable

My personal timetable shows a clash

All:-Are you sure that the apparently conflicting classes occur in the same week?
The timetable week (and/or term) numbers, for each class are shown in the output; see the ‘Timetable Grid Information’ link for details

Staff only:-Your college may not have told us which weeks you are actually teaching for the conflicting classes.

Student only:-The teaching timetable is planned and built to cater for the majority of students, but it is not possible (for example) to allow for those who are repeating failed modules, or who are taking modules in the wrong year in order to be able to change programme.