University of Exeter Mitigation

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University of Exeter Mitigation

If your FCH studies or assessments are affected by a significant problem, you can apply for mitigation. Mitigation can be used to request various things, e.g.:

  • an extension to the submission deadline of coursework
  • consideration for poor performance in coursework or examination
  • defer taking an examination

You apply for mitigation for each module that is affected.

University of Exeter Mitigation

Mitigation is handled by the Colleges to which your modules belong. This may mean you have to make more than one mitigation request if your modules fall in more than one College.

Mitigation information and application forms for each College can be found via each College Office, e.g.:

  • Business School – email address for mitigation requests
  • FCH-specific modules (module code begins FCH…), e.g. Sustainability, Work Experience, Study abroad – see below
  • Humanities – web page information for applying for mitigation
  • Social Sciences – web page information for applying for mitigation

Mitigation or extension/deferral requests for FCH-specific modules

If you are taking a FCH-specific module (i.e. the module code begins with the letters FCH), you need to submit the appropriate form(s) with appropriate supporting documentary evidence to the FCH Office for consideration:

  • Extension or deferral (FCH-specific module only)
  • Performance affected (FCH-specific module only)

You should also read the current University documentation about mitigation.

Note there are time limits for the submission of these forms, explained on the forms and in the University documentation about mitigation.

Do not suffer in silence!

At the very least:

  • talk to your personal tutor, and/or
  • talk to the FCH staff. No appointment needed – if the FCH office door is open, come in!