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University of Exeter Japanese

Evening Language Programme (certificated courses for a fee, with no assessment)

Please see the timetable which lists which evening courses we offer for this language.

Here is a guide to choosing the correct level of language study.

University of Exeter Japanese Undergraduate modules (for credit, taken as part of your degree)

We offer the following modules in Japanese:

Module Credits
Japanese Beginners 30
Japanese Intermediate 2 30
Japanese Intermediate One 30

Japanese society unites people from Japan and those interested in Japanese culture (traditional and popular).

We have events which celebrate and inform our members about Japanese culture including film nights, food nights and craft evenimgs. In addition we also have plenty of trips planned for the year so Japanese students will have the opportunity to visit new places and experience English culture and food while they are here. We have lots of relaxed evening activites so members of the society can get to know each other such as pub crawls, quizzes, bowling and more.

We also have groups for those with specific areas of interest such as anime and for those looking to focus on learning Japanese to make friends and help each other with their common interests.

To keep updated with our events please check out our society Facebook page: Exeter University Japanese Society

We hope to see you at our next event!