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University of Exeter Careers, Part-time and casual work

We regularly add casual work opportunities to My Career Zone to help students gain transferable skills and earn extra money whilst they are studying at Exeter. If you need help on finding employment come to the Career Zone and ask for a job advice appointment. We are here to help you!

The casual work opportunities listed on My Career Zone include:

  • routine part time employment
  • self-employment opportunities
  • event/one day jobs
  • vacation work
  • research participant opportunities

These jobs may be available during term time, during vacations periods or they may be ongoing roles. All term time and ongoing positions are local to Exeter or Penryn. Whilst we make every effort to find all available part time work you may find your own part time job and if you are unsure about the suitability of the role, please come into the Career Zone at Exeter or Cornwall and ask us for advice.

University of Exeter Careers, Graduate jobs

Our online database My Career Zone contains vacancies from graduate employers in a wide range of sectors who are specifically targeting Exeter students and graduates. You can check out RSS feeds from My Career Zone of:

  • jobs with an immediate start date, or
  • jobs which start after graduation

Our employment sector pages contain lots of useful links to job sources and we have many resources on Graduate job hunting in My Career Zone. International students may find this guide on Working In The UK After Your Studies useful.