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University of East London The Hub

University of East London The Hub

Adecco have partnered with Careers and Student Employability (CaSE) to offer an exciting a range of employment opportunities and activities to UEL students and graduates – The Employment Hub.

Through the Hub Adecco offers full and part-time paid work on and off campus, work experience, internships and more. You will have the flexibility to choose when and how you work whilst building the employability skills and experience that graduate level employers value.

Employment Hub Opening Times

Docklands Campus, East Building, EBG.01A
  • Monday  9am – 5pm
  • Tuesday  9am – 5pm
  • Wednesday  9am – 5pm
  • Thursday  9am– 5pm
  • Friday  9am – 5pm

Finding employment opportunities

Whether you are a current student looking for some relevant experience, a placement or internship alongside your studies or a recent graduate looking for your first graduate job, you can find out more here about how we can support you in your search and why you should get involved.

The graduate job market

The graduate job market is highly competitive and businesses are keen to find ways to select the strongest candidates. Your university degree and extra-curricular activities will help equip you with some fantastic skills for employment after you graduate, but an increasing number of employers are looking for proven skills through placements, internships and part-time work.