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University of East London Psychology Conversion

MSc Psychology Conversion

he MSc Psychology covers a broad range of topics that have been laid out by the British Psychological Society (BPS) to allow students to attain the Graduate Basis of Registration (GBC). One portion of the programme covers training in research methods and conducting your independent research project while the remainder covers a set of core areas. These are:

  • Cognitive Psychology (module code PYM 151) – what are the basic mental functions such as memory, language & visual recognition and how do they work?
  • Psychobiology (PYM 151) – what is the interplay between physical biology and human behaviour?
  • Individual Differences (PYM 152) – what makes one person different from another in terms of their behaviour?
  • Developmental Psychology (PYM 152) – how do humans develop physically, mentally and socially during childhood and adolescence?
  • Social Psychology (PYM 153) – how are human behaviour and experience affected by social context such as in groups and relationships?
  • Conceptual & Historical Issues in Psychology (CHIPs) (PYM 153) – how have psychological explanations changed over time and what are the key debates?

In the coming semester (A), if you are a full-time student, you will be studying Research Methods (PYM154, day time; 1-4pm), Cognitive Psychology and Psychobiology (PYM151, evening; 6-9pm). You will choose to study one of these if part-time (usually the evening module).